Our qualified roofers are expertly supervised and have full training and knowledge of all the latest roofing materials and construction techniques. We will only ever use industry standard approved materials so you can be guaranteed of the best roofers using the best materials for the job.

We pride ourselves on our choice of products and services to fulfill your roofing needs. Our trained and qualified staff are ready to assist you with roofing services.

Whether you are arranging a planned roofing project or you require our emergency services you can rest assured you will receive the highest standard of work from one of our roofers.

We provide a range of emergency and non-emergency services including:-

  • Chimney Stack Repairs
    • Chimney rebuilds, repairs
  • Fascias Replacements
    • Fascia boards – these are boards attached to the end of the rafters/truss at the eaves, where the guttering is attached for the roof rainwater drainage. These are also placed at the ends of gable roofs to cover the rafters/truss.
  • Soffits boards – these are placed on the underside of the eaves where the roof overhangs the walls. This is where the ventilation holes are generally provided.
  • Loft Conversions including Flat Roofs & Pitched Roofs
  • Loft Insulation Services
  • Lead Work and Lead Burning
  • Roof Re-tiling – Tiles to match existing tiles or total re-tiling